Original Coding is a small software development company. Our company is focused on the development of Python desktop applications and Django web projects. We are able to deliver the best solutions in Python and Django technology for your business.

We provide dedicated team for our clients through development centers in Tallinn, Estonia and Kiev, Ukraine. Hiring our dedicated teams is the right decision for companies that want to focus on their core business activities without organizing additional working places, and without searching for professionals or motivating the new team.

Recent projects:

Linux desktop program for Twitter account management. Histwi’s features include: tweets backup, following & followers comparison, and unfollowers view. Learn more... Rating of all Russian-speaking Twitter users. This site is being constantly updated so you can find out who the most popular Twitter Russian users are.



“42yurista” is the best directory of Lawyers of Ukraine with convenient search of lawyers and legal advice. The most user-friendly interface and best usability of all such sites. Several thousand people use this site daily and and note it’s ease of use. “Pillar” is the system for the collection and analysis of statistics regarding use of energy and other resources. Using more than a few hundred thousand sensors. The system operates in real time and is designed for high loads.